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Spet Slovenci na seznamu Piolets d’Or 2013:

Janak (7,041m), Janak Himal

First ascent of west face and second overall of mountain. From the remote and rarely visited Chijima Glacier, Nejc Marcic and Luka Strazar (Slovenia) climbed the 1,400m west face of Janak with one bivouac. They were forced off a direct line by poor conditions, joining the southwest pillar (climbed by fellow countrymen Stremfelj and Zalokar in 2006) ca 300m below the summit. The main problem was not the climbing technicalities but low temperatures and strong winds on the second day. Modri Dirkac (Blue Racer) had difficulties to 80° and M4. They descended the route.


The Super Big List

This preliminary list of major ascents during 2012 was compiled by Claude Gardien (Vertical magazine), Manu Rivaud (Montagnes magazine) and Lindsay Griffin (American Alpine Journal).

The following is a representative list of significant, innovative, though not necessarily alpine-style, ascents during 2012. Grades are those quoted by the first ascensionists, and in the case of new routes and first free ascents remain unconfirmed. There are 72 entries spanning 18 countries, and from these the jury has selected several ascents deemed to be the most significant and in accordance with the Piolets d’Or Charter.

Seznam vzponov na http://pioletsdor.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=261&Itemid=359&lang=fr



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